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Does any one have a good source for dried cocoa pods. They are sometimes used for Flower arrangements/decor...


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L.A. Burdick in NH/MA sells these. I don't know if the price is good, but I'm sure they have plenty on hand.
thanks Brendan
, just looking for wholesaler, i need lots of them

Swiss Chalet Fine Foods in Miami has available the following: Cocoa Items for display and decoration.
#70525 Cacao Bags, Empty 1/1 ct /ut $14.00
#70526 Cacao Bag W / 2 Kg Beans 1/1 ct /ut 83.00
#70527 Cacao Pod - Closed 1/1 ct /ut 22.00
#70528 Cacao Pod - Open 1/1 ct /ut 22.00
Call Toll Free: 1-800347-9477
Or visit the website at
I hope this was helpful

Thanks Carl
i will call them tomorrow as they don't seem to be on the website
HI David:

I know this message is from a while ago, but I have dried cocoa pods, as many as you need. you can see my store at


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