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Hi Everyone,

I am offering chocolate drinks and I am struggling with the cold versions so I wanted to know if some of you have some good learnings to share.

For all my drinks I work from chocolate, not from cocoa powder (I want to keep that great cocoa butter). Now, to make a hot chocolate I have found a great way to do it (fast and sublime texture) but the cold chocolate is a bit trickier as chocolate doesn't melt at low temperature :-). 

RIght now I am melting my chocolate in a bit of hot milk and then I use milk ice cubes in a blender to bring the drink to a cold enough temperature. However I am not fully satisfied with this process. Any better ideas?

Thanks for your input and ideas.


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We don't do anything from a mix but we every few days create a new 'batch' up so that it's on hand and ready. If you're doing something cold you're going to need to make it from a heat source and then chill it.  Shocking it though via quick icing has a number of poor ramifications.

Create your version and just chill it down through stirring and ultimately refridgeration. Unless your ratio of chocolate to cream or alternate milk source is so out of alignment that it create a sludge/fudge then it should stay pourable.

So how do you make your hot version?  Just curious.  And what is it that is not quite right with the cold version?


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