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Does anyone know of a good place to buy whole dry roasted almonds. I'm in salt lake but willing to order online 

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Call Nutty Guys.  Don't pay their online prices.  Get to someone who will quote you wholesale. They are out by the airport.

Here  is an on-line source. Not that you should buy from them (I don't know anything about them), but it will give you an idea of pricing. 25lbs gets you down to $5.99/lb. You should easily be able to match this from a local source.

Also - as with most things in the chocolate biz. Freshness is key. Look at packaging and let them know you plan to return them if they are not strictly fresh.

Nutty Guys web site is down ...

Address is (or was):
3528 W 500 South ste a
Salt Lake City, UT 84104

Thanks Ruth and clay. I will check it out

I'm surprised the CA almond board doesn't have "roasted" as a choice but here is a list of growers if you want to go direct.



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