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Has anybody used the Easy Fill Depositing Machine from Tomric? Is there a vibrating table with it? Are there any issues with bubbles and trying to get them out of the ganache? Does anybody have one for sale by chance? Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.


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I purchased this machine about 5 years ago and have never used it. I have made several contacts to Tomric and one other about instructions on how to use it or a video, etc. Never have received a reply. So it still sits on the shelf. Plus, not quite busy enough, volume-wise, to have to put it into operation yet.

Hi Alex,

If you are interested in selling it, please send me a message and we can talk.


Hi David

We are just gearing up for a much larger production of our chocolates in the magnetic molds. We have hired a national marketing company and are beginning our wholesale division of the company. So I am going to hold off at the current time on selling the Easyfill Depositor as I'm suspecting we will finally be putting it to use.

Thanks for the nice comment on our presentations of the chocolates.

Currently, we have been purchasing our transfer sheets from Chef Rubber.

Hi David, Have you bought one already? We have one to sell if you are interested. We just bought it recently and it is barely used. Please let me know : ) Thanks! Jessica

Hi jessica,

I have not bought one yet, but and interested in purchasing one.  Please send me a private message and provide the details. 

Thank you!



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