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Hello everyone,

I own a bakery and we make a ping pong ball sized product that is currently hand dipped in chocolate using, ahem, a spoon.  As our volumes (about 2,000 per 8 hour shift) have outpaced this antiquated method we are about to invest in enrobing equipment but really need your expert advice.  I am using a couverture chocolate so tempering is not necessary.  I simply need to get a nice, even coat on a round product.


I've thought about the Hilliards Compact enrober but want to get ideas on used equipment as well.  I'm trying to avoid a cooling tunnel due to costs, hoping that a six to eight foot belt at the end of the enrober will give me enough cooling time at room temp to move these to a tray.  


Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.  Many thanks for the help!!



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If you could post a photo of what one of the items looks like, next to something that will give a good size reference, that would help.

You could probably use an enrobing line that comes with a "bottomer." If you post a photo, I can forward to someone who does this for a living and he can let me know if it will work for you.

At 250 pieces an hour (based on your 2000/day assumption) you will need some type of cooling whether a tunnel or take off paper to refrigeration even though you are using compound.  

I am assuming you are doing a cake ball of some description and they do enrobe because they tend to have a somewhat flat bottom and thereby are more enrobe-able.  I have seen cake balls done on Selmi enrobers both with and without tunnel.

With Clay on the panning - great solution to items that are firm but would not be a solution to cake ball or the like.



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