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Good Afternoon Chocolate lovers

i am new to this and so just to keep it short, if you have any confectionery or chocolate equipment requirements, please contact me.

I look forward to hearing from you.

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Hi Beth

I have a response from you but it is only the letter d is there something that i can help you with?  Look forward to hearing from you.

Kind Regards

I am interested in large stone melangeurs NOT made by cocoatown or santha.  Old, european style melangeurs -  not modified wet grinders.  Do you have any of these?

Hi Jonathan;


When I was first getting into the industry, I had a romantic vision of acquiring a large stone melangeur as well, (saw one at Scharffenberger's factory).  They are very very hard to find, but I've heard rumblings that some Italian companies have considered starting to manufacture them again to address the growing artisan market demand.


There are however other more efficient (and lighter) solutions.  I can't share everything with you, but I hope this post will help save you time looking for something that you may not find, and allow you to be more productive focusing on a better solution.




Hi Jonathan

Something like the attachment?


Nice, what a beauty!  Exactly like that.  Is this available?  I am interested.  What other equipment do you have?  Please e-mail me,

Brad -  I know it is not reasonable to hold out for a victorian era melangeur; however in the future I plan to have one and I figure that I might as well take a shot at finding one now.  I am at a pretty beginner level and I have other equipment I am currently using that works fine for my needs, but I can still dream!  Btw, Brooklyn Cacao also custom manufactures melangeurs just like the one above.  I am still interested in hearing what you can share about more efficient solutions though. :-)

Everyone - posts about equipment for sale or wanted go in CLASSIFIEDS.


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