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Good day to all!

Congratulations to all forum members a Happy New Year and Merry Christmas!

I have a small chocolate factory. Capacity of approximately 25 tons per year. I plan to build another factory for the production of caramel and marmalade (from fruit pastes and pectin).

Part of products of the new factory will immediately come to the chocolate factory and will be covered by chocolate :)

I ask you to advise producers of good equipment for the production of marmalade, caramel and nougat. And I am not interested at all industrial equipment. I need equipment for medium factory (30-40 tons per year), which is able to produce high quality products.

I would be grateful for any information on this subject: company names, links to forums, websites it.p.

I wish you all a good new 2014! Vlad

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Do not people on the forum that could give good advice on the put questions?

I suspect that many manufacturers of chocolate, make caramel and marmalade too ..

Vladislav -

Most of the chocolate makers who are members of TheChocolateLife are small producers - under 10MT/annually, and few of them make more than modest amounts of caramels, marmalades, etc.

If you want to make tonnes of caramels, pates de fruits, and nougat you are going to want specialized equipment. If you were here in the US I would recommend Savage Brothers as one source. In Europe I don't know, however there is a used equipment broker in Milan that probably has what you're looking for. Contact me privately for the link.

I'd like to make the products like on the pictures


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