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Besides loving to eat caramel. yes by the handful, I make it and it's a great seller. only problem is I need some equipment to make it in large batches and faster then what I am doing on a stove top. I need help and suggestions. If you have any great recipes and want to share, I would love it.

I have a great recipe but I think it needs to be tweeked or changed altogether as it takes 2-3 hours sometimes to make a  large batch. Maybe I am crazy and it does take that long but I don't know many others that have the patience to make caramel so they don't. I've only just started digging deeper into the world of caramel so any seasoned advice would be greatly appreciated. this stuff is tricky!

Thanks in advance.

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The folks at Savage equipment should be able to help you with both.

I am not sure what you consider a large batch, but it usually takes me about 45 min from measuring ingredients to pouring the caramel and it makes about a180 pieces. Most people that make huge batches use a rounded copper sugar pot with an open flame, but that is some serious stuff! I dip them and I find the most time consuming part cutting them up. I just bought a caramel cutter so that should help. Hope this helps.

Hi Jenny, what caramel cutter did you buy? Thanks.


Omar, here is the link to the cutter that I bought.

Jenny, thanks for the info. Unfortunately, the website doesn't give any detail. Could you help me with it?

What is the cutting area (length)?

What is the total length (including handles)?

Do the handles rotate independently from the wheels and rod/shaft?

How many wheels the cutter has?

Can you adjust the width of the wheels to any need or are you limited by spacers or combination of spacers?

What is the maximum thickness it can cut (wheel diameter - spacer diameter)?

Thanks a lot :)

The cutter is adjusted by putting little spacers in between the blades so you are limited to what spacers you have. The cutting area is 12in and the total length with handles is 24 in. The blade are fixed to the rod so you have to kind of roll it and reposition. The cutter came with about  20 blades, and you could probably cut something up to 1.5 inches thick.

My batch makes about 350 pieces and takes about an hour. I have the round-bottomed copper pot and a Savage stove. Cooking caramels can be fast or slow. If you want more color and possibly deeper flavor, it takes a longer time. For me, I want a medium dark color and a nice caramel flavor. I can do it with my recipe in the hour. If I need to slow it down because of not having someone around to help pour, I can cook slower and just let it cook for several hours. As Jenny said, cutting takes almost as much time as cooking.

Thanks for the replies. So from the response I'm in line with time and batch counts. I've been in touch with Savage, we'll see where to go from here....

How about a copper kettel and a paddle? Anyone work with Real butter and Pet milk anymore? I do. Cook quik and high, temp dependes on if you are coating apples or making pieces.

Caramels are tricky. One degree off and you can have a batch that is too soft or too hard to cut properly. My recipe is designed so that I can cut the caramels on the confectionery guitar.  I cut and seperate 250 pieces in about 10-15 minutes I find this to be more efficient that working with a caramel cutter. Of course not all recipes are fit for a confectionery guitar. 

Daniel ~ If you are using a confectionary guitar, does that mean that your caramels a quite soft? I thought that the strings on guitars were too fragile to cut caramels that had some chew to them. And if yours are soft, how do you get them to keep their shape without spreading?

We're using a caramel cutter & I've found that after cutting in one direction & getting long strips, I need to separate the strips before they stick back together. Thus I can just score the top & cut with a knife to make the dippable pieces. - It is a relatively soft caramel, but does everyone else cut both ways with a caramel cutter? 


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