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Besides loving to eat caramel. yes by the handful, I make it and it's a great seller. only problem is I need some equipment to make it in large batches and faster then what I am doing on a stove top. I need help and suggestions. If you have any great recipes and want to share, I would love it.

I have a great recipe but I think it needs to be tweeked or changed altogether as it takes 2-3 hours sometimes to make a  large batch. Maybe I am crazy and it does take that long but I don't know many others that have the patience to make caramel so they don't. I've only just started digging deeper into the world of caramel so any seasoned advice would be greatly appreciated. this stuff is tricky!

Thanks in advance.

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In my experience, your glucose percentage is very low. I would bump up the glucose and cut out the sorbitol (for a lot of reasons).

Hi, Ruth ~ Could you elaborate on why you would do this? Thank you so much!

Glucose slows down the crystallization. If you put too much in, you get excessive cold flow. I personally wouldn't use sorbitol because It can cause digestive problems, and I don't want it on my label. It is a sugar that metabolizes slower than sucrose, and binds water in a ganache. Not sure the purpose of it in a caramel. Sebastian???

I thought sorbitol could possibly extend the shelf life of caramel and prevent it from getting grainy while in storage. With all of my crystallization problems this past summer I was willing to try a lot of things.

I would also love to get Kerry's input. I have learned a lot from her information on the web!


Sorry for the late reply but, thank you so much for the information!

How is sorbitol bad for caramel?

Cooking: A Firemixer-14, a single batch of about 15lbs takes 1-1.5 hours to cook.

Cutting: Savage Bros. large roller cutters. (I also have a Tomric caramel cutter but in my experience it won't work for anything more than .25" or so thick.) 

Recipe Scaling: We found that no changes were necessary to the ratios used in our recipe.

I agree. The Savage Firemixer works great.  We have one, and just dump the ingredients in, turn on the cooking cycle and forget about it until the alarm goes off.  Free's up LOTS of time in our shop.


Thanks for all the info. I think you are thinking of another Kerry.  I am just getting started and still working on my recipe.  I was looking at steam kettles to make my caramel in. Can you tell me the pros and cons of both steam kettle and fire mixer? Thanks for all your help.

Wow this is amazing. Fantastic response and so much great feedback! Thank you to everyone for sharing....I got a lot of experimenting to do and I gather we all got a little something out of this, hopefully you did anyways. Thanks everyone, what a great forum for conversations like these....


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