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Every time I use my molds for chocolate bars, they bloom.

Every time I use my molds for chocolate bars, they bloom.  However, If I dont use the molds and pour the chocolate on parchment paper, the chocolate is perfectly tempered, shiny and has a beautiful snap. As soon as I put the same chocolate into a molds, it blooms in the center on the top of the chocolate while the outside edge looks tempered. 

This has now happened three times. the air temp is approx 64-68F, and the humidity has been about 40% with moderate air flow in the kitchen.  I am using thin theroformed molds from tomric that are unheated before I pour the chocolate into them. 

How can an unheated mold pull chocolate out of temper? 

Has anyone experienced this before?  I appreciate any advise or tips. 

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Thank you for those resources.  I have looked into getting Beckett's book Industrial Chocolate Manufacture and Use, but have shied away because of the price.  I think Ill start with Youtube and The Science of Chocolate and see how far I can get with those.

I also use molds from tomric and I have the same issues it is not bloom it is a release mark and using the fridge helps a lot just make sure not to hurry the setting process and they will come out almost perfect

Hey Milford, 

I too use Tomric molds and have issues with pull off marks. 

Do you mind sharing your "setting" process?

We use a True refrigerator with a chocolate/wine thermostat (55-60F) to set the chocolate. 

Are you certain it's bloom?  I've seen moulds - when clean - have soap or mineral residue left behind on them that's invisible to the naked eye - but the chocolate pulls it off the mould and leaves surface discoloration.  Could be a potential.


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