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I have a small shop and mostly sell my handmade pralins.
After some years without any machinery I do now look for an enrobingmachine.
I've looked a bit deeper at FBM:s Chocolab but also at Dedy 220.
Both machines seems capable but has different strengths.
The Chocolab has continous tempering but seems to be less ergonomical and the take off table is very short.
The Dedy looks more dedicated to enrobing but without the continous tempering.
Has anybody used any of these machines and are able to give me some comments in how they work in reality?
Is a longer take off table a big advantage or not?
Is the continous tempering a big advantage when mostly doing enrobing?

By the way, great site and many interesting discussions.

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Maya, I know you probably do want only user's opinion, but please let me explain why Chocolab is as it is.

First of all it was designed to face a huge variety of jobs. It is ergonomical in a sense that is not bulky and is made to give upgradable possibilities (mold loader, heated/cooled cabinet). Then operator has a bigger working room for molds, decorations and so on. You can even melt solid chocolate on the left room placed aside of the 12 kg melting bowl.

The difference in enrober's sizes is: - 13 cm for the loading and enrobing section and - 40 cm for take off section.

The question is: how long is the tray you will use to take the paper (and products) off the enrober? And where are you placing it to finish/cooling the product?

About your question "is a longer take off table a big advantage or not" consider that you will need more time to fill it completely.

Then you have also to consider if you are going to work on it with two people or only one!

Is it longer to temper chocolate (do you need more time for the whole cycle) or to enrobe?

The continuous tempering process allows you to keep on working without breaks (you can add liquid chocolate to the bowl while it is tempering and enrobing), the longer takeoff table allows you to put more products on the paper but it requires more time to do that.

That's why we made Chocolab as it is.

So it depends on how you are going to arrange your job and what is more important for you.

I posted this video for you:

Thanks for your reply. I do certainly think that the continous tempering is better then the halfautomatic versions.
The longer take off table would be suitable for two persons working. But it would also get you some more seconds to turn off the belt before anything enrobed can hit the floor.
And today I got an email from the FBM factory telling me that they could equip the chocolab with a longer take off table if I consider that.

By the way thanks for the video.


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