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Has anyone tasted this chocolate yet?

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yes. I got some samples of it and it's good, but nothing special.
Thanks very much, Luis. I work with Felchlin in my business and it's nice to have feedback from other aficionados. Ciao.
Felchlin is one of my main chocolates that I use in my business as well, and my wife is a huge fan as well. I just thought the 100 was just ok. I really like the cru sauvage and the cru hacienda.
What is most interesting about the Felchlin Centenario is that it comes in two forms, Crudo and Concha. The Crudo is semi-finished with the texture (crunch) of fine sugar particles. Also because it is not conched for very long the flavor is dominated by the sweetness of the sugar particles. The Concha is fully conched in the old longitudinal conches Felchlin uses for the rest of the Grand Cru line. What is startling is the differences between the two chocolates - it is one of the best examples there is (in a commercial chocolate) of just what kinds of changes happen to a chocolate during conching. The Concha has warm soft spice notes (as I remember) and the typical Felchlin mouth feel. It's not an in-your-face chocolate like the Cru Hacienda 74% and it doesn't have the tantalizing citrusy notes of the Cru Sauvage. It's its own chocolate, made especially for the 100th Anniversary of the founding of the company.

I will look to see if there are any more of the Crudo/Concha samplers and if there are I will make them available to ChocolateLife members.

:: Clay
Wonderful - thanks Clay. Does anyone know of a Felchlin distributor in Canada? I'm in BC.
I believe that the US and Canada are both handled by Swiss Chalet Fine Foods out of Florida. They have a warehouse in LA. But I will check and let you know.
Thanks again!

Felchlin in Canada is handled by HUH Imports in Newmarket, Ontario. (905)-853-0693.

I live in New York and I get my Felchlin wholesale supplies from Swiss Chalet in New Jersey. I find that they have a pretty generous shipping policy but not much of a price discount for larger quantities unless one is able to work through their regional rep. Good luck.
Thanks so much Kisei! I will contact them this week for pricing on their Cru Hacienda and Cru Sauvage.
Thank you for this, Clay. I look forward to working with the Concha. Have you or anyone you know worked with this and the Cru Hacienda in a confectionary capacity? I produce a 3oz bar with the organic version of the Hacienda and it sells well. I'm sweating a bit, though, coming up with a bon bon/truffle ganache recipe with it perhaps because of the fact that I'm may not be working correctly with the cream/cocoa butter ratios.
I've contacted them for the name of one of their US-based corporate chefs who can help you with this.
Thanks much, Clay. I look forward to it.


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