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Fermenting small batches of cacao in a controlled temperature oven

I am currently fermenting a small batch of trinitario beans (1816 g) in an oven set at 100 deg F. Today (day two) I added some bakers yeast to the beans. How long should I ferment? The beans are draining quite a bit.


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There is a good pdf download addressing this in the thread of a similar name in the HomeBrew group.
I think this is the thread Tom is referring to.
Thanks Tom. I followed Bittenbender's fermentation procedure fairly closely. Fermentation was for 5 days at 100-105 degrees oven temperature. I suspect bean temp. was higher than the oven temp. When removed from fermentation I noticed a few black beans, about 2 percent. Any idea what causes this. I have separated the black beans on the sun-drying table.


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