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I would like to contact all chocolatier to be our supplier~
I am from Hong Kong. I wanna provide the delicious chocolate to hong kong people

A person who will be marketing to build a successful business plan for a variety of goods;

A person who is very creative, always possible to all kinds of goods, creative packaging to make it popular in the market;

A person who is to really understand the advertising, and know how to move people;

A person who familiar with aesthetics, a regular of the miraculous;

A person who is very persistent, in order to win a brand agent, spent 6-7 years at the expense;

But no matter what kind of person, love to eat chocolate, because chocolate to let them together, the members work together for their love, for

More fans of this "food of the Gods". Here, you will discover many secrets of the chocolate ...

Opened outside of the romance, passion, love of chocolate, from pure love to eat, to the stunning palpitate

Action ... can not help but want to share to you this precious gift.

Love of chocolate, when Lost in the moment of depression, only chocolate can soothe the fragile minds, not only to enjoy

By its delicious, love the dancing it melt on the tongue, can feel a simple happy life!

Love of chocolate to find out why, let us in any time you want to eat, can no burden, no evil

Sense of, and enjoy happy hour!

Words can not express the love of chocolate, chocolate is the best bridge of communication, because it can ignite your passion and

A pleasant atmosphere.

Love of chocolate, in fact, simply Needless to say, without any reason, is so simple!

Chocolate dancing life ~

The chocolate is a simple and enjoyable life!

the happiness equation of superbly-chocolate

Life has its own significance in the face of changing life, superbly-chocolate is the love to eat chocolate with a sincere heart,

Share your simple life equation is:

+ Delicious chocolate - to stress x optimism / out of trouble = happy life.

Eat chocolate for happiness in life beat up! Let us work together to spread happiness!

Happy people will joy passed to people who do not know, but this joy can sometimes last up to one year,

This is the so-called happiness trends in happiness trends.

ichocolate just love to eat chocolate very simple idea spread, from the food can make people happy

- Of course, is chocolate.

Chocolate, smells of exotic color and aroma, with a tropical flavor with a special feeling, mysterious, is the temptation,

Is wild, it is an exclusive formulation of a people unrestrained joy.

Now, let the chocolate to melt the tip of the tongue, and took us to travel to the warm and beautiful country!

A new concept of lifestyle community is very important, is the good life (wellness).

It is the body and mind to fully appease, and ultimately the formation of a luxurious sense of happiness, this luxury design simple fashion

Wind, have one thing in common; attention to detail and texture.

Life of the chocolate, is the process of attention to detail and texture, the achievements of the special taste of a seemingly contradictory, it is simple happiness

Luxury. A bit off the taste of happiness is instantly in my mind!

ichocolate not a blind fashion, but to provide a source of pleasure, continuous strict selection of Europe and the United States, a variety of quality chocolate

Force to meet the different needs of any given moment, like a magnificent harmony Sonata, so that each detail of life extremely exciting.

, Ichocolate will be the most abundant high-quality chocolate goods and wonderful spirit of chocolate to build into the rich happy taste chocolate creative life of the network platform;

Let the fun atmosphere quickly filled with air.

i man said: life is - chocolate


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I wanna get your help from here to achieve my dream.......please help me>< 

I represent a bean to bar chocolate company in Hawaii.  Many of our chocolates are made with cacao grown in Hawaii and processed to bars.

I will be happy to discuss the possibility of suppling you with the finest chocolates.

Please reply to Iolani Lewis at


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