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I'm currently working with cocoa farmers in Peru and am trying to get better information on pricing. I have fragmented information for some markets, but often the information is stale and I'm not sure how reliable.

I'm interesting both in FOB prices as well as Farmgate prices. 

Basically looking for data points (e.g. what is the premium to bulk for fine cacao in Colombia, Venezuela, Ecuador, Trinidad, etc.) And the any color on how that premium would be reflected at the farm gate level. 


For example, the data I've seen indicate a 100% premium for Trinidad. Is that premium  really unique to Trinidad and not applicable to other markets? Or can a country achieve a certain premium by managing the bean selection and post harvest processing discipline correctly? Does the government need major involvement to achieve aspirational premiums?


Most important for me is to understand how farmers can receive higher income by entering into the fine cocoa market.

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