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I am new here and hope this question doesn't seem silly, impertinent, or over-stepping a boundary. I am looking to expand my chocolate usage into higher quality grades and wondered if anyone would share their favorite type/brand of chocolate and confection flavor. For example if I were to try a Valrona dark chocolate, what filling/ganache flavor would work best? I started my chocolate endeavors several years ago using coatings, have moved on to at least real chocolate, but was just introduced to good chocolate. In love at last!

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I like all types of chocolate, but the centres do need to be matched to the shell/coating. Red fruits go well with dark chocolate, nut pralines go well with milk, citrus fruits with dark and so on. In your suggested example, a Valrhona dark chocolate, like Manjari, would go well with a raspberry ganache in my opinion - but then again, taste is pretty personal so you should always make what you like (or the customers if you're selling) :-)
I like just the flavor of the chocolate to shine. Manjari, Alpaco, Guanaja and Tainori each have distinctive flavor profiles. You have to taste them and decide what works best.


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