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Hi everyone,

I am just wondering if anyone has a good automated solution for wrapping chocolate bars in paperbacked foil?  We are currently hand wrapping (2,000+ per month), and it is time to invest in some equipment to automate it.  Any suggestions?

Thank you!

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Thanks You!

This web site is the best.


I really wish there were some middle ground to foiling machines. We don't do bars but we do 2 to 3k small solids per month and they really get annoying and sore to wrap month after month. The solutions however are big, noisy, and expensive. I'd love a simple lever device--semi automatic something or other.

Part timers are great, but more bodies around aren't always what you want. Even though they may look like a flat cost on paper, they have sme other ancillary costs which creep into your budget.

We sell a small table-top foil wrapper for flat bottomed solid goods with very inexpensive tooling.

Please contact me for a quote.

Thanks Jim... I will be sending you a note as well for a quote.

I have received a number of emails from folks around the globe asking for further information about the table top foiler we once sold. It was a device - nothing more - that had a small pedestal and a brush cut to the shape of your small molded piece. The operator would take a pre-cut piece of foil, place it over the chocolate and then place both on the tiny pedestal and then pull the brush device down over the chocolate by hand. Once done the operator would remove the piece by hand and then smooth the sides and bottom. Quite time consuming and not very effective, We had offered this item for sale through someone who had built a few but it never really took off for obvious reasons so we are no longer offering them.

Foil wrapping by hand is laborious and, sadly, no one has ever produced a low cost, entry level full-fledged machine to do the work so the next best option is a used/rebuilt machine which we do offer but prices start in the mid $20K range and that is a major barrier to entry for most folks in early stage businesses.

Happy to discuss foil wrapping any time -


Jim Greenberg, President
Union Confectionery Machinery Company


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