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Who knows the reg's on printed matter that goes inside a box of chocolates?  For example, a tiny brochure or a sheet that provides a 'map' of the contents.  Does it have to be food safe ink if it is separated from the confections by a glassine pad?  My graphic designer is saying yes, but she seemed to hesitate a bit, so I'd like another info source.


Patricia in Denver


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Is the reason you are hesitant cost? Why wouldn't you want to use food-safe inks?

yes, the cost was my concern, and my graphic designer is acting as if she needs to search around for someone who can do it, which raised my suspicion that it may or may not be important, because she does work for other confectionery companies, so why would it seem to be some big, special request?  Unfortunately she is on a non-cell-phone vacation right now.  I come from a regular culinary background (not packaged foods) so there is an awareness-raising hurdle for me (a nice was of saying I have some ignorance about it). 


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