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Does anyone know of a foodsafe epoxy glue suitable for replacing the Ultra/Santha machines?

One of our machines recently had the plastic gear separate from the bowl's bottom due to stones clogging. I can't wait until I get a new bowl imported, and the seller's have been unable to provide a glue reference. 

I have found different glues locally including Loctite 330, Loctite Hysol E00-CL or E40 CL but from their datasheets I am unsure of their food safety specs. 

Any input is highly appreciated.



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Hey Felipe,

I have had a similar problem with a many of the machines. Go to the hardware store and buy slow drying 2 part epoxy. It is about 4 bucks. Find your smallest drill bit, flip over the drum, and drill 6 different holes in the overlapping edge of the white plastic center piece. This will allow epoxy seep in and hold more securely. It doesn't take long at all and is a relatively easy fix.


Thank you for the kind reply. I'm glad to hear you managed to repair the machines! 

As far as I read there are different ratings for glues, and some are approved to be in a food processing area, while others are allowed to be in direct contact with the food. 

Did you check the toxicity of 'household' epoxy? Or did you glue it so that there is no chocolate in contact with the glue?



It is in on the bottom of the grinder so there is no contact with the chocolate.

Dylan, thank you very much, this is great news!

By the way, are the holes drilled in the plastic only or also in the stone?



please be sure, that the glue you buy, is suitable for plastic. in my experience, epoxy does not stick to many(most) plastic materials. 



Well, you want to drill through the plastic and if it slightly goes into the stone bottom that would be good. On one of my drums I purposefully went into the stone a bit and put little metal pieces before epoxying. I found this is unnecessary because on the other 4 I fixed, they didn't need this extra precaution. 

Like Rene said, make sure the epoxy label says it is suitable for plastic. At my local hardware store most of them were.


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