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Almost NEW BAKON Choco-TT + Mini Enrober Chocolate tempering machine

Chocolate Enrobing Machine

All for 8000 USD

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Hello Alfredo.  Can you tell me the manufacture date on the enrober.  Where will it ship from?  Very interested.  John

I'm sorry John ... I thought you asked for the ONE.

The Choco-TT and the Mini Enrober Were also manufactured in 2011.


They were manufactures in 2011. They are almost NEW as the business dissolved before even started so they were used only for product testing (as I said less than 1000 chocolate bars each).

I'm attaching a picture of the date and model.

They're the SELMI ONE (55 KG of tempered chocolate per hour).

They'll ship from MIAMI (33142).

Thanks and let me know if you have any other question.


2011 and ship from MIAMI.

Sorry for the last response... I thought you wanted the Selmi ONE.

Still available? How quickly could you get it to NY?

Is this machine still available

Is this setup still available?  I'm more interested in the TT than the they have to come as a pair?

Hello Preston.  I bought the TT and Enrober from Alfredo but I'm not using them that often - the demand isn't there for me.  I would need to sell both pieces together.  Let me know if you're still interested in the unit.  John

I'd be interested in the TT by itself...message me details.  Price and location.  Thanks!

Hi Alfredo - Curious if this equipment is still available - interested in both pieces - Thanks, Alan

Hello Alan.  I bought the TT and Enrober from Alfredo but I'm not using them that often - the demand isn't there for me.  Let me know if you're still interested in both pieces.  John

Hi John,

I was interested in this originally. Yes are they still available? What are you asking and where are you located?

Hi Laura.  This may be a duplicate response - my computer went down when I was replying to your message.  I paid $7000 for the unit and I got a few months light usage out of it so I'm asking $6500 for the system.  Alfredo replaced the system board so it should be in very good shape.  I'm outside of Philadelphia - Upper Darby, PA, 19082.  John


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