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Circle, oval and heart polycarbonate magnetic molds for sale.  Never before used. 


Great for use with cocoa butter and texture transfer sheets. 


Fun and easy to use. $40 each (plus shipping costs)


Please leave me a message if you are interested and/or have questions so we can figure out the details.  I may have some cocoa butter transfer and/or texture transfer sheets for sale too, if you are interested in these mention it in your message to me.



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I am interested in the circle and oval.  Can you please contact me at ?





Thanks Mike, I just sent you an email. 


I have many more of these molds if anyone else is interested.



I just sent you an email to follow up.



Do you have a picture or measurements of the heart and the oval? 

I have included a picture above of each type (oval, circle and heart). 


The mold is approx 5"x11" and makes 15 hearts

I would like the heart.  How do you handle the sale? 

I just sent you a message with my contact info.



Please send my your contact info... I am interested in the round and oval molds.



I am just getting started with magnetic molds, these look like a great value!  Please send me pictures and where you are.  I have transfer sheets!  Thanks!

Hi, I'd like to buy some as well, can you send me the details?



I am interested in the oval and circle mold as well.  Could you please contacy me at

Hi Erin,

I'm interested in the circle, heart and oval.  Do you have the mm dimensions? Thanks! Also if you have pictures that would be great.  I could also take a peak at your transfer sheets.


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