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hi all

I'm very glad with the freshly harvested cacao pods a friend of me brought straight from Sao Tome as a souvenir gift! Just 5 to play with, but I don't know how to keep m best though.

They are supposedly 4 days old and still closed, I would love to taste the raw 'pulp' in it, but how long can I keep them "juicy" and what other tips do you have te preserve them as well as possible? Dry them in the oven or so? ...

thanks for your help, I'll open a first one anyway ;-)

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hi all,
thanks for all your respones!

well after your first answers I immediately opened a first pod, and wow that pulp really is delicious.
I shared it with a bunch of people, all liked it very much, tasting like grapes, mango, banana and lychees all at the same time! I took some pictures that I will share in a blog post with you.

I now have still 3 left, I will open one more in the weekend to see what happens, the others I will try to dry to preserve them.

enjoy chocolate in all its shapes
The pods do not dry with the beautiful colors. They have a high water content, like many tropical plants and quickly shrink and go brown. You can use them to make a cast of the pod however with the plaster like material they make arm and leg casts of. Mold them, let dry, then paint them and shellac them and you will have a nice replica.
To preserve the pods with the color...
Drill a small hole into the pod, then freeze dry it. I have pods that are 5-7 years old and still look great. Once dried, we shellac the surface and put a small rubber plug into the hole.
Hi Mark,
What do you mean exactly by "Freeze dry"? How do you do that?
And also what does shellac mean?

Do you now if it is possible to keep a pod open in some sort of alohol liquid too to show the inside?
Thank you very much for your help.

How long do you freeze dry for? The custom dryers here specialise in wedding bouquets and they dry them typically for 4 days.


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