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From David Lebovitz: Chocolate-Covered Caramelized Matzoh Crunch

Seriously my friends, is there anything better than chocolate and toffee together? Especially when the toffee has a brown sugar-flavored buttery snap and luscious chocolate is smeared over the top so it hardens and melds with the crackly caramelized matzoh underneath. When a marriage is this good, a picture can only do partial justice to the love that exists between the happy couple.

Click for the recipe.

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yes it does look yummy. Maybe I should make some for our seder!!
If you want a pareve one, try coconut oil from the health food store. As an added bonus it tastes really good and if you sprinkle on some dessicated coconut (or the mixture of the two chocolates I gave you-if you still have peru) it goes really well with salt and a little chili pepper. Damn, now I'm going to have to make that I my seder too
Is it possible to give me more exact instructions! Sounds fab! I am making green frogs and pyramids, too!!
just replace the butter with equal parts coconut oil, and follow directions as posted at lebovitz (above) adding shredded coconut and chili, zest of lime, you can go crazy with it because its just the topping on top of ....cardboard, I mean lechem oni!
Ok! Excellent!! Can you BELIEVE those over on Tapuz?! They have no idea of the importance of place or chocolate! I hope I get time to make these matzos. I will use chipotle powder.
Hi Clay,
there is product on the market similar to this it's pretty good! the also had a passover version but it's out of stock.


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