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I have a couple of fruit purée based ganaches in my assortment and I want to smooth them out for a more luxurious mouthfeel . I created them as a non-dairy addition to the assortment so I don't want to add butter. Any ideas what I can do to fatten them up? I thought refined coconut oil but not sure if that would dilute the intense fruit flavor too much . I'm using a ratio of 1500g callebaut 811 to 1000g fruit purée .

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Hi Paul. I do not make dairy free, however one of my colleagues does. She uses coconut oil, and palm oil. Also, I'm sure you like 811. It's a great versatile chocolate with good flavor, however I'm going to suggest that you try using a different chocolate with a more "fatty" mouthfeel to begin with. I am not a "purist", if you will, so in my kitchen I use Callebaut, Cocoa Barry, Valhrona, and Felchlin depending on the product I am making and the desired result. You may want to check out Felchlin. They have wonderful chocolate and it is top quality. It is a Swiss chocolate and has an extremely smooth mouth feel.
Good luck.
Thanks! As you've probably gathered this ties in with the review I mentioned.... I did add some coconut oil and its much more "unctuous" ... Thanks for the response !


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