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Hi All,

I am in need of some fruit purées and am interested to know which brands people prefer. I have a brand I already use but I haven't been going through it as fast as expected and I feel the quantity I need to order is too much. I'd like to hear which brands have great flavors and are as pure as possible (fruit and a minimal amount of sugar if possible). I use them to make fruit-flavored ganaches as well as pates and the occasional jelly (for inclusion in chocolates)


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From my reading of recipes, Boiron appears to be the most widely used brand, but in the U.S. it seems to be somewhat difficult to find, at least for someone buying retail.  A Google search reveals widespread availability, but when one checks more carefully, often an online store will have only a few Boiron flavors actually in stock.  I've yet to find one that carries anything like the full complement of Boiron products.

I have used Ravifruit (also from France) and found it very good.  Sicoly is another widely available brand--it appears to be the primary one with which some companies have replaced Boiron.  Since Boiron doesn't have a significantly higher price, I am puzzled as to why suppliers are switching.

The whole question of shipping and quality is another matter, and as a small purchaser of the products, I can only trust overnight delivery to do the best job possible.  I try not to think of how the purée got from France to the U.S., then from the seller's warehouse to a U.S. airport, then from Dulles Airport to my little town by truck.

You could, of course, always make your own, though you might have some slight difficulty getting a good supply of passion fruit or yuzu!

I have seen the same thing as you with the Boiron flavors. I haven't seen the Sicoly brand you mentioned. I was hoping someone out there had some experience with or an opinion about Perfect Purée (Napa). I am closer to CA so the shipping distance would be shorter. Otherwise, I have ordered for Albert Uster (outside of DC) and have been happy with their purée (caraman brand).

I hear you about the shipping. I need to order enough to make overnight shipping worthwhile but not more purée than I can go through before it's no good anymore.

I used to make some of my own purées. I found that to be too unreliable for consistency of flavor and the unreliable availability of various fruits where I live. Of course, I have lots of other things to do with my time and buying purées is soooo much easier!

Thanks for the feedback.

Take care,


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