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Hello, Chocolate Lifers,

Im new to chocolate making, but not the consumption ;-) 

I recently got myself a small melanger, and I have run a few batches of nibs through it, and I see my temp hitting 170F.  I have been following the guide on Chocolate Alchemy, its within the range that is mentioned.

When Im done with the refining I pour it onto a sheet of plastic wrap, and double it over till it is cool.

My question is this;

The finished chocolate has ALOT of bloom. Is that normal?

I find it ironic that the one quality we dont want is inherent in the manufacturing process.




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Yes, this is normal. After running through the melanger, you'll need to temper your chocolate to get stable, bloom-free chocolate. There's a lot of information on tempering on this forum and on the CA site and forum, so I won't repeat it here.


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