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Any tips for making Gianduja at home? I'm interested in getting something like the dark gianduja that Domori makes.

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When I mix a gianduja at home from commercially available products, I use ~50% milk chocolate and ~50% hazelnut praline paste (which is itself, ~50% sugar and ~50% hazelnuts). So breaking it down, mine is approximately 50% milk chocolate, 25% sugar and 25% hazelnut.


I'm not sure how much further/higher you can push that hazelnut %. Too far and the hazelnut fat will start to interact with the cocoa butter and make tempering the gianduja hard. I'd think you could go higher, but don't really know.

Thanks Patti. I did this and it still was a nightmare to husk them all (but better than other ways). I'm going to buy paste next time. I used 7 cups of hazelnuts. It tastes wonderful, but what a pain.

Glad it worked for you- I agree it is still a pain. My hands look like raisins by the time I am done! Now, if I could just find a robot coupe so I don't kill my food processor!

Forget about a Robot Coupe. It has a duty cycle of only 5 minutes. A cheap Hamilton Beach will work until the oil separates from the nuts.

Ruth, I was attempting praline paste at home & had my cuisinart smoking! Any thoughts?

Yup--go to Walmart and buy a $40 Hamilton Beach. Drew Shotts put me on to these. They do a great job and outlast R-C's and Cuisinarts. They have a plastic shaft and all the bad China stuff, but they last and last. The last time I made Praline, I caramelized the hazelnuts and tossed them in. Ran it for about 15 minutes until the oil released. It won't take it down to a totally smooth paste, but much better than the other options.

Thank you Ruth! I will do that!!!


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