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I've been doing some research on organic semi finished products. Organic cocoa liquor, butter,sugar and milk. Because I am located in the middle east, I have contacted European suppliers: Pronatec and tradin organic. Still waiting for their answer to provide me with the cost of each ingredient. What I'd love to know from the experts in this field is, what is on average the cost of organic cocoa butter/liquor and what/who do you prefer working with? I'd love to hear your opinion about this and perhaps anyone can recommend a different supplier I do not know about.

Thank you,



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Hi Omar,

I'm a chocolate Maker from italy living in South Africa. We have started a year ago an organic Chocolate Factory  bean to bar. 

We haven't look at difference between organic and non organic beans and product but we believe that at the high end of the quality (A+ and so ) the price differences is minimal.

We buy from Trading Organic all our ingredients, but we are looking at Pronatec as well.

If someone knows other trading company that deal with Organic (any part of the world) we would like to know them.

Trading organic has a good range of products and quality, it is however very hard to get detailed info from them like:

origin -(farms, area etc)

Variety- criollo etc)

Quality etc..

They are very slow on answering your request BUT if by mistake you own them 1 dollar they will harass   you with a million of emails. It happen to us, they told us to pay a certain amount and then once they found out that THEY did a mistake, i received a gazillion of emails from 3 or 4 different people.

Unfortunately there is not many trading company dealing with Organic, so they abuse their power....

We still deal with them, but i would be very happy to find another supplier...

Hey Antonio,

Thank you very much for your input. I as well have contacted Goin Organic, Pronatec and Mapryser last week. Goin Organic were the first to reply actually. It's good to know you are happy with their products especially that they provide all necessary ingredients for chocolate(i.e organic milk,sugar...) so i'm guessing it is easier to deal with one supplier hence one shipment/one person to harrass or to be harrassed...

Are you happy with Tradin Organic? Anything to look out for?

Thanks again,





Hi Omar,

you are welcome! We haven't tried any one else, so it is difficult to say if they are better or worst than others.

It just Takes soo long to get some information, price list and everything organized.

MAKE SURE that before importing you have all the documentation required by your country to import goods.

They will not help yo with it. If you order a product that needs special permit (eg: milk powder, sugar) they will not tell you that and you will be stuck at custom with no way to recover your goods. Choose a very good shipping company (if you like i can give you my contact, they are based world wide) otherwise you will end up spending a fortune and not see the stock!! 

Importing, shipping is a b.... i actually went for a course to understand it!

Best of luck and you know you can contact me if you need some advice..

Keep posting your results with the search!!!




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