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Good Food Awards - Sept 1 is last day to enter!

Hi all,

[ Editor's Note: This post refers to the 2011 Awards and has been partially edited to reflect the 2012 Awards season information. Please visit the Good Food Awards web site for current information. ]

I'm on the chocolate committee for the Good Food Awards and wanted to make sure all U.S.-based bean to bar chocolate makers know the September 1st deadline is coming up. Here's the entry form along with guidelines.

Please spread the word to your favorite local producers in the U.S. as well, in lots of categories. Here's the scoop: All beer, charcuterie, cheese, chocolate, coffee, confections, pickles, preserves, and spirits are welcome to enter the blind tasting with Alice Waters, Michael Pollan, Ruth Reichl, Amanda Hesser, Nell Newman and 80 other industry experts. The sustainability criteria for each category and the entry form can be viewed online at

The Good Food Awards help to elevate food producers who strengthen agricultural communities and redefine craftsmanship in their industry by providing concrete business opportunities and high-profile national press to winning producers. All winners will be honored at a ceremony in front of national buyers, media and industry leaders, and invited to sell at a 15,000 person public marketplace at the San Francisco Ferry Building. This year we have crafted special partnerships with Whole Foods,, and Williams Sonoma to stock and promote the winners.

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Cheers, and thanks to Clay for all your help and input!


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I'm excited for the awards.  Matt Caputo told me that I should enter my product.  I just registered.  I use cocoa beans and make a product that you brew like coffee.  I entered the chocolate section.  I hope that is right.  It is more like coffee in its preparation but it is 100% cacao.  Did I enter the right category or should it have been coffee?



Sounds good...but actually we don't have a category for a non-coffee, non-chocolate product. It's bars only, this year. Someone on the team will be in touch with you about this.

If anyone else has questions feel free to ask before entering. :)

Thanks Eric and sorry for the miscommunication!!!



I would love to enter. I make confections and bars. I would like to know how many samples I need to make of each. I have 2 confections and one bar I would like to enter.

Dale -

If you go to the Good Food Awards site and look at the entry guidelines they should provide all the information you need. If not, contact the organizers by sending e-mail to info (at) goodfoodawards (dot) org.

Please also note that the September 1st entry deadline refers to the 2011 awards. The entry date for 2012 is August 31st.


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