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Hi, can anyone tell me where I can buy really good quality cocoa in South Africa? I feel as if I am on a different planet and I do not even know what a good quality cocoa would be. I want to use it to make a soft fudge centers. I find that using chocolate with my recipe makes the centers hard and I think that if I replace some of my flour with cocoa I will get a softer center.

It may also be possible that some of you have a better idea for making a soft chocolate fudge center. I have a client that wants it, but I am not too sure how to go about it




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Hi, come and see us at cocoafair, the first company in SA to produce bean to bar to pralines 100% organic. 

we are in Cape Town @ the Bisquit Mill.

not only we can offer you chocolate, but also customer support.

you can  contact me via this message or at

Thanks Antonino, I have sent you an email.



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