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as I'm tempering chocolate in my Rev X machine I follow the directions to the letter. when I make my confections they look great the first couple of days but seem to become gritty after a few days. Not sure if it's the tempering process, the way i cool the chocolate or the temperature the chocolate is stored in after I package it. Frustrated and need some help.



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You are not tempering your chocolate correctly.

It probably looks wickedly shiny and awesome on the outside at first, and then a couple of days later the inside gets grainy.  Simply put:  It wasn't in temper when you molded it.


I was taught to test your temper by inserting the tip of a metal teaspoon. Dip, shake off, and set it aside to observe how quickly it hardens. Check for the very things you described above, if swirls or matte finish is present, you can try stirring your chocolate and testing again until you get that snappy clean shiny finish!

Store dry and on the cooler side. 

Hope that helps!

Thanks guys I'm going to try that method tonight. I think I'm having trouble with my tempering machine. Even though its dummy proof that shinny snap isn't happening. I was reading and I think it because how I'm cooling it I'm putting in the freezer for ten mins.


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