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A few of us on the Ecole Chocolat grad forum are discussing doing a group buy for guitars. I contacted Dedy and they will offer a 10% discount if 6 people order. Each person would pay for their own and pay shipping to their address. I don't know if we can get 6 people intersted in such a high priced piece of equipment but I thought I would put it out there...

It is important to know what sizes you want to cut and order the appropriate base size. You can just order a base and 1 frame if you just do square. You can add on frames as you can afford it.

Dedy website: Dedy:

Also, here is a site for $ conversion as the prices from Dedy are in Euro dollars and will need to be converted...

O F F E R (these are their regular prices not including the 10% discount)


This cutter is suitable for cutting and deviding marzipan,
jellies and similiar products.

The cutter is carried out in stainless steel.
The standard base is subdivided in 7,5 mm or 5mm.
The base can be fitted on a movable table,
also made of stainless steel.

Accessories: take-off metal sheet, wire, screws, tools

Price :

Standard base 7,5 mm EUR 580,00

Frame 15 mm EUR 280,00
Frame 22,5 mm EUR 240,00
Frame 30 mm EUR 220,00
Frame 37,5 mm EUR 200,00

Standard base 5 mm EUR 710,00

Frame 10 mm EUR 330,00
Frame 15 mm EUR 280,00
Frame 20 mm EUR 257,00
Frame 25 mm EUR 236,00
Frame 30 mm EUR 220,00

Movable table in stainless steel : EUR 490,00

I also contacted and they now sell the Dedy - they no longer make their own. price for the Dedy 7.5mm base + 4 frames (includes tools): $CAD 2 795.00 USD$ 2 627.30

Tomric price for the Dedy 7.5mm base + 4 frames (includes tools): USD$ $2,995.00


Let me know if you're interested.

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Have you put together the group purchase yet? Do you have any idea what the shipping charges (or duty) to the US might be. I'm in Dallas, but imagine the exact destination doesn't have to big an impact on shipping costs. If I am figuring this correctly, the full set (7.5mm) runs about 1500 euro or about $2000 before discount and shipping.

Hi Michael,

I haven't been getting much interest in the group purchase. There are only about 3 of us that are very interested. I'll wait another week and see...

Yes, your figuring is accurate. I contacted them for shipping charges to my destination and they quoted me 145 euro to Vancouver airport (I'm about 4 hours from Vancouver so the cost to get it here would be additional). I don't know about duty to the US - I am going to contact Canada customs this week to see if any duty charges apply. Then once I have the bottom line price I'll make a decision.

If you contact US customs, perhaps you can post your results here. I'll do the same for Canada customs. Also, do contact Dedy for a shipping quote. They are very good at getting back to you quickly.

I'll keep you posted...
I'd like to get the Dedy order in next week. If anyone is serious about ordering let me know asap so we can see if we will qualify for a discount. Right now there are 7 of us interested (I'm including you Michael!) and I'd say 3 that are a sure thing.

I phoned Canada customs this morning and spoke to a senior officer. She thought the proper tariff code would be 8438.20.90.90 which means: Machinery for the manufacture of confection or chocolate: other: other. And that is designated as No duty! I don't know if there will be duty charges in the States. If you're in the US and interested it might be a good idea to call US customs. I just looked the number up on the website.

So for a 7.5mm base with 4 frames the CAN$ price comes to $2332 (which includes shipping - shipping will differ for everyone though. This is a shipping quote to BC. Canada). I use this example as it's the same as what offers at $2795 CAN. It's also the same package that Tomric offers at $2995 US$. Neither of those 2 prices include shipping. So if we also get a discount of 10% as well we're doing pretty good.

If you are interested let me know what size base and which frames. That way if we don't get 6 people I will contact them to see if I can still get a discount for us!


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