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I so would like to grow my own cacao trees. I guess once smitten by the whole process, you want to look into the feasibility of growing a few of your own. Yes, just to have them, at first. But, what if they take to your area? What parts of the states are good for raising cacao trees? Are there any "hot-house" trees, i.e., greenhouse grown? This would be interesting to me. Where would a person find cacao trees, male and female, and/or self-pollinating (is that the correct term?) to start with?

I think once you are truly smitten by this passion, (it's more than a hobby or business, it truly is), having a few trees of your own is understood. Just like wanting to make your own chocolate from bean to bar.

At a new job that I started today, I shared that my hobby is "manufacturing chocolate", and the response was just as wonderful as you would expect. This is nice. I even have a few that want to come over when I am roasting the beans to see what is done.

I can't wait to start sharing this with them. Perhaps we can develop a group of some sort locally of people who want to explore this together!!! I would so love that, even if I cannot grow a couple of trees where I live right now, I can definitely share this passion with others!

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Cacao requires a very moist and warm climate to thrive. In Arizona it would be quite the endeavor because of your extremely dry climate. It would certainly mean having the tree(s) in a climate-controlled greenhouse with misting and other humidity enhancers.


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