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Can anyone recommend a Good Guitar Cutter to purchase?

Should i purchase with stand / Without Stand?

How many frames do we need?

Looking for urgent revert from Seniors..


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I have a Dedy and it works well. It is on a stand with wheels and I have 4 frames. I mostly use the 22.5 frame.

Hi! Any website for it?

I have a Pavoni double guitar I purchased from  I don't think the cart is necessary.  I would recommend getting a steel one and not one of the cheaper plastic ones.

Totally agree with George.  Any money you save on the plastic guitars you'll spend buying replacement wires for them...

i see plastic guitar cutters everywhere.. any example of steel one?

is the base of steel  in this ?

This states - High quality aluminum alloy Base delivers precision

If you go to you can see the Dedy products.  We have one and like it a lot.  Not cheap but good.


For what it's worth, the sizes I use are 15mm x 30mm for rectangular chocolates and 22.5mm x 22.5mm for sqaure chocolates.

Don't bother buying a Prefamac guitar cutter - it is just a Dedy guitar cutter which they put their logo on.. they didn't even bother repackaging mine.. all they had done was cut a hole in the bubble wrap to afix their logo plate..

Don't get me wrong I love the guitar cutter, but just buy it direct from Dedy and not Prefamac. :)

Attachments: guitar cutters are expensive ones... Further they offer only domestic shipping

There are no cheap guitar cutters. If they are too expensive, like we think they are,  you can DIY one with a lot of elbow grease or do hacked solutions, like we do, with a caramel cutter and then a warm knife.  It's not as chop-chop quick as a guitar but it doesn't cost much either.

I have a Dedy with 4 frames also, it is a beautiful piece of equipment. Tom at tcf sales is great to work with. I thought the cart was a bit expensive so I put together my own stainless steel one. Cost about $ 120.00 and it is just as nice. Buy 2 stainless steel carts at Sam's Club, Costco or other such store. They come with top, a self and a basket, plus heavy duty wheels.You will have an extra set of legs, wheels and a basket, put aside. Assemble, 4 shelves on the legs, basket on the bottom, presto, prefect guitar stand.  Plus the basket on the bottom is great for accessories. I will try and put up photo later. But it is really simple, let me know if you have any questions on this set up.

For caramels I have a wonderful steel rolling pin with adjustable wheels, does a great job, but it is not for chocolate. I love my equipment and machines, I get the best quality I can, I feel in the long run it is the only why to go. The Dety for instance, is made like a fine musical instrument. 


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