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Can anyone recommend a Good Guitar Cutter to purchase?

Should i purchase with stand / Without Stand?

How many frames do we need?

Looking for urgent revert from Seniors..


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Which one is recommended:

Prefamac Guitar Cutter, Bakon USA, Martellato, Dedy, JKV ? 

As mentioned previously.. don't get the Prefamac, as it is just the Dedy guitar cutter with a Prefamac branded plate on it. They also force you to buy four cutting frames, whereas with Dedy, I think you can buy individual cutting frames. Go for the Dedy.. lovely bit of kit.

Nice! I just saw this! You are so right a bunch of cutting that I never used!! I happened to buy mine when they were building my machine but wish I would have known then. I used the one 30 cutter for my stuff but tried the one larger one for marshmallows once-what a waste!
I loved my prefamac and I did buy a cart makes storage and letting it air dry a snap!

When I bought my Dedy, it was cheaper to get it with the 4 frames than buy it with one or two frames, separately. Check it out with Tom at TCF sales, he sometimes has them on sales, ask for a small discount. Don't tell him I said this, LOL.


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