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I'm looking to get a good basic chocolate for enrobing (and using in ganaches). As my truffles tend to fall apart and not set up very firm (despite butter & invert sugar), I'm guessing I need a "thin" chocolate for enrobing.

I'm looking for a "go-to" predictable, but great chocolate in dark, milk & white. I don't have the ability to taste all the varieties of at this point I'm asking for your expertise.

Guittard's best dark/milk/white for enrobing?

Callebaut's best dark/milk/white for enrobing?

Valrhona's best dark/milk/white for enrobing?

And..which brand do you prefer the most?

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Hi Geert,

I just want to add another question. Do I use these for ganache?

Or what are the names you can give are most suitble for ganache? Do you use different chocolates for cream ganache or other flavour ganache like fruits?

Thanks in advance.

I am quite partial to the Callebaut line, in particular 60-40-38-NV for enrobing, though I usually mix it with something slightly sweeter such as their 811NV.

On your ganache: are you giving it a chance to crystallize at room temperature before cooling it? I find that my ganache needs a good 8 hours at room temperature to get the correct texture.

These are the chocolates (only Valrhona here) I use for pastry and ganache:
1/Blend of Grands Crus:
D a r k C h o c o l a t e
Abinao 85%
Guanaja 70%
Andoa Noire 70%
Ashanti 67%
Caraïbe 66%
Extra Bitter 61%
Caraque 56%

M i l k C h o c o l a t e
Guanaja Lactée 41%
Jivara Lactée 40%
Bitter Lactée 39%
Orizaba Lactée 39%
Andoa Lactée 39%

2/Pure Origin Grands Crus:
Araguani 72% "Pure Venezuela"
Nyangbo 68% "Pur Ghana"
Alpaco 66% "Pure Ecuador"
Manjari 64% "Pure Madagascar"
Taïnori 64% "Pure Dominican Republic
Macaé 62% "Pure Brasil"

3/Estate Grown Chocolate:
Palmira 68%
Gran Couva 68%

Some couverture matches better than other for ganache with fruits, it depends there characteristics.

100% greetings


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