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This chocolate has a high level of antixodents in it. It is extremely healthy for you. Yeah I know all chocolate is but what most people do not know is when you process chocolate, they do it through hot compresses and that takes most of the nutritional value out of it. So you are getting some value but not what you could be getting. This chocolate is cold pressed unproccesed and in is naturalest form possible. Then they add acai berries and blue berries making this chocolate an antixodent super treat. With orac values that are extremly high. It is very healty for you; I myself consume it daily and have noticed alot of changes in my health and I am very glad i replaced my unhealth chocolate with these

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As a hypochondriac that enjoys acai... could you please elaborate on the "charga beetle" as it turns up nothing on google and I think I feel my chest getting tight. ;)
Thanks to everyone who participated in this thread. I have not been online since Tuesday morning (it is now Saturday afternoon) and I did not witness this thread unfold. Reading it demonstrates the importance of maintaining a balance and openness that creates an environment where members feel comfortable sharing what they know. Also, by (for the most part) avoiding issues of style, tone, and personality, I think that this thread on Xocai has been the most informative and productive of all the discussions so far.

I just want to let everyone know how proud I am to have played a part in fostering the growth of this community. You make it all worthwhile for me.

:: Clay
You may find out more info on xocai chocolate at my website Have a great day.

This discussion saw no activity for several months until a new member (a Xocai rep) posted, apparently without reading the discussion or the Guidelines. I am closing this discussion to further replies.


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