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Has anyone used an air compressor from Chef Rubber?

Hello, everyone.

I'm considering to purchase an air compressor for air brush. I have experiences but this is the first time to set up everything with my own equipments (very excited). I've been thinking about usual oil-free compressors (ones you can get from Home Depot), but a little bit concerned about noise. During my research, I found an compressor at Chef Rubber website (1/8 hp, 40 PSI max) and it says it's pretty quiet (and it seems much smaller than usual compressors). Has anyone have any experience of this compressor or any other small "bakery" or "cocoa-butter" designed compressor? How are their performances? Thank you.

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Talk to them first, I've found them helpful. Depending on what you will spray (water based colors, colored cocoa butter, chocolate) you will have increasing demands on the pressure needed and the type of airbrush that will work.
Thank you, Mark.

I'll contact them.


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