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I am using  a new X3210 I bought to temper milk chocolate and make bars - with not great success. The chocolate never came out perfectly tempered. I started with about 4 lbs of chocolate (and believe I followed instructions to the T).

The first batch came out better than the rest, although there were some streaks. I used the same chocolate, and left it rotating at the "tempered" temperature before I could free up my molds to make another batch and then another. The second batch was the worst - very streaky - almost looked like bloom. The third batch had sugar bloom on it but looked better than the second.

Not sure what I could have done wrong. They wouldn't harden right away (temperature of the room was probably about 70 degrees) so I did put them in the fridge briefly - a few minutes - to harden.

I read varying accounts about the difficulty of tempering - some people say, once you have the technique down, even hand-tempering is a snap. Some people say it's such a delicate process that you my never get it right.


Any thoughts on basic mistakes I may be making?


Thanks much!


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Check out the temp probe on the baffle.  Make sure it is ALWAYS in chocolate.


joe crevino


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