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I'm researching a possible trip to Hawaii and would like it so that I can visit cacao operations while I'm there.


Can anyone offer advice on places to visit or even how to navigate the varius cacao growing operations on the different islands (I'm pretty clueless as to the possibility/efficiency of inter-island travel for short trips)?


Thanks in advance for your time.

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HI, I was just in Hawaii and wished I would have done this! I was on Maui and there didn't seem to be any chocolate operations there. But I did have a bar from Malie Kai , Honolulu. I don't know if they do tours or not but they are a small company so it may be worth contacting them about it. As I was writing on my blog about my vacation and chocolate in Hawaii someone left a comment from Original Hawaiian Chocolate Factory and stated that they do have tours, though I know nothing about this company but they are located on the big island. Good luck and have fun! Hope to hear about it and maybe see some pictures.
Ps- Did you visit the group on here Hawaii Cacao?

Have you checked out Clay's group Hawaii Cacao? It has lots of information. For example, the directory of cacao farmers should help you.
Hi Lowe,
I've been trolling the group's page and will hit them up with a message/shout out today. Kaua'i will be my first island destination this July. I'm keen to see what's going on. Thank you!
The Original Hawaiian Chocolate Factory in Kona gives tours as does Tom Sharkey on the Hamakua Coast of the Big Island. His website isn't much but his farm is nice, with vanilla growing up the cacao trees and surrounded by coffee. He also has a vacation rental and does chocolate making classes.
The Hilo Farmers market usually has cacao pods for sale. A third farm on the Hamakua coast will be offering tours in about another year.

MAlie Kai does not own the trees- it is the Waialua Estate on the North Shore of Oahu and is owned by Dole. They do not give regular tours except to large groups.
Let me know if I can answer any other questions- I live on the Big Island and have 2 chocolate shops. My production kitchen, Sweet Paradise Chocolatier, is located in Waimea on the Big Island, the main store is in Kailua, Oahu.

I'm so glad to see you respond here. I was just getting ready to suggest to Vanessa that she should contact you.

Hi Lowe,
How have you been? Back to Hawaii anytime soon? Our newspaper the merged Honolulu Advertiser and Star Bulliten, now the Star Advertiser I think will be running a feature on Cacao June 30th.
Thanks, Melanie. Great tips!
Looks like my venture to the islands is going to be to Kaua'i in July. If you have any ideas for that island I'm all ears.
Besides Steelgrass ,Koa Kahili is in Kauai and does a few chocolate bean to bar classes, His profile is on the Hawaii Cacao Page. I think overall what is happening in Kauai is small and probabl more focused on raw chocolate.
Seneca Klassen would also be another good person to contact about cacao in Hawaii.


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