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Here a nice article in the Honolulu Weekly that mentions The Chocolate Life as "the facebook of chocolate"; Kokoleka O'Ka 'Aina, started by Seneca, a regular on The Chocolate Life; us at Madre Chocolate,  and other new goings on with cacao and chocolate in Hawaii, including the Hawaii Chocolate Festival that just happened yesterday which was a blast. Hope some of you were able to make it there!




Nat Bletter, PhD

Chocolate R&D

Madre Chocolate

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Great article!  Congrats on the press!

Thanks, Brad! Hopefully someday we can achieve a fraction of the great things you've done with chocolate!


Come out and visit us sometime in Oahu!


We almost got a bar of your chocolate here, but our "messenger" from Calgary ate it all enroute since it was so good, and all we got were the cool looking packaging! 

This is great! I was just joking last week during a lecture about "retiring" to Hawaii and growing cacao. My husband says we don't know anything about farming. This post led me to Seneca's blog which looks like a great place to start! I'd love to visit the farms there in the near future. This also led me to your website and as an avid supporter of American bean-to-bar producers I can't wait to try your bars! Maybe next year I will make a trip out for the festival.
Nat: Thanks for pointing this out. I've tweeted/FB'd it and promoted it and more ...


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