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Who has a chocolate product infused with heat? I have a food chemist client infusing many foods with organically grown peppers. Sounds awful? His caramels taste sweet with a surprising pepper burst finish. Talk about a differentiator! Please contact me with names of similar chocolate products. Thank you!

[ Moderator Note: Mr Jaeger is an advocate for a retired scientist who was in an auto accident and is assisting him in finding consulting work. ]

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I do a habanero ganache and a red pepper caramel.


I try very hard to make this an open community where people can trust what others are posting about.

Having been in touch with your client, I think that it makes a lot of sense to actually come out and let people know what you're doing and ask what you really want to ask. It's a compelling request and TheChocolateLife community is nothing if not open, giving, and sharing.


:: Clay


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