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Is anyone knows where to buy a non expensive heating cabinet. I am going to be shooting colored cocoa butter to my molds and saw that having the gun and the cocoa butter in a heating cabinet with the right temperature will save me a lot of time in heating all the time the colored cocoa butters.
I found one but is 1800$ do anyone knows a cheaper place.

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You can try an inexpensive yogurt maker.  They work at low heat.  It can be trial and error but I've found that mine without the lid on it works well.  I think mine was about $15.  The brand of mine is Total Chef Yogurt Maker. 

Thanks Andrea I surely give it a trial.


I use my Mol d"Art melting tank. Ihave a 6kg tank and find it hold the gun and 4-5 colours. I leave them overnight before I plan to use them and leave them in the tank while I'm working as well.

Some folks use a excalibur dehydrator.  I've been eyeing reptile incubators lately!


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