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Hello everyone!

I have been a chocolate enthusiast since I can remember and the time has now come for me to deep dive into a pool of dark shiny melting chocolate!

Firstly, I'd like to share my larger vision. It is to build a strong chocolate movement in India - more awareness, more options and creation of more reasonably priced products - and build a product that ensures the lowest carbon footprint for a population as large as ours, with an in-built social and economic balance. 

The purpose of this forum is to understand and discuss a range of topics revolving around chocolate in India from the viability of starting a new venture in India in cocoa farming, manufacturing, supply chain, the limitations posed by climate, new innovations, sustainability and costs, holding conferences with experts in-country to even using chocolate as a medium for experential learning in schools!

Basically, anything that interests you and will benefit the group.

There are many questions on farming, manufacturing, sustainability whose answers would enable me and I believe, others to understand the scope of developing cocoa and chocolate products in India.

With a huge sense of possibility, I request you all to share your expertise and your questions on this forum, and come together for living the chocolate life, as Clay calls it!

To begin the discussions, one of the first questions I'd like to post is:

Are there opportunities to apprentice with chocolatiers and cocoa farmers in France/India/Belgium/elsewhere and what are the nitty-gritties involved? 

Looking forward to many lively discussions here!



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Regards Mr Rajendra Mangharam and Mr. Mahesh joshi 

I did my hotel management from Sophia Polytechnic(HAFT)

 and yes my chocolate does turn out smooth n tasty but still facing a few technical difficulties and of course the obvious problems of temperature and humidity in Mumbai.

Sorry for the late reply and thanks alot for your interest, will keep You updated on the progress


Chirag Bhatia

kudos to you for your bean to the bar chocolate....i am archana from delhi....just started my own venture of bar to melter to mould to wrapper to consumer about a year back.. wonderful to read about such enthusiasts and hoping to learn much..cheers

hi Subhasini I am also a chocolate enthusiast and have read some discussion . i would like to inform youall that we do get Indian manufactured  chocolate which as good as barry calebaut and selborne . may be even more better the name is MORDE CHOCOLATE. previous ly i used both that is selbourne n barry calebaut but now after lots of market search and of course with help of mordes distrubutors i now use only morde and that too pure form. and you are right people in India need to be awre of the product, and also the price.if their anything i could be of help please do let me know as Iam in this business since quite a few years.

Hi munira, I like to know, are you using morde chocolate or compound? And if it is chocolate is it is single orgin or blended? ? If it is sigle origin which place it is from?.  If you dont mind , tell me how do you temper your chocolate? Thanks in advance.

Munira, thank you for your kind reply. If u dont mind can you please explain me  briefly , how do you do tempering of real chocolate? And how do u do cooling?? Do u have a tempering machine? And if i wish to buy one which machine will be good?

HI Munira,

I stay in Mumbai. I love working with chocolates, and would like to start my own business. However, I am facing trouble tempering couvertures since its way above 30 degree Celsius here on any normal day. Can you suggest me a way to work in this temperature? 

Any help would be greatly appreciated.




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