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We are conducting a survey into peoples chocolate buying habits and gathering opinions to help choose labels for our new chocolate bars. Your responses would be greatly appreciated.

Here is a link to the survey:

Thanks for your participation!

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I'm going to take a minute to fill out the survey-as well as passionate about chocolate, I'm trained as an Art therapist. We actually can help people with marketing products by analyzing what type of message the artwork on their labels gives-subliminally.

If you want some feedback-just email me at I might be able to help.

I found the survery very interesting and would love to share a few thoughts with you if you are interested. I have a market research backgound.

Good luck with the project!
I found the survey interesting but also realised how little I know! I haven't so far tasted any of the brands listed except those readily available in the UK - Cadburys and Green and Black. Should I just say Cadburys and Cadburys :0)?
I'd best get stuck into a few more so I can compare the stuff I've started to make. Any excuse!


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