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I cannot shout HELP!! loud enough. Can my thermometer be wrong? I am waiting for a infra red one, but until I have to use what I have.

I am tempering Valrhona. Whilst seeding I try to let the temperature go down to 28C, but I cannot do it as the thermometer says it is still 31C, but the seed does not want to melt any more and the chocolate is very thick and starting to clump on the sides. What am I doing wrong or is it the thermometer? I have to say the weather is not ideal as it is raining, so humidity is a problem. I try and keep the temperature at 20C, but as it is the same room I have to melt the chocolate with a bain marie causing moisture.


Another question, can the humidity give me trouble with my ganache? It is way to soft even though I follow the recipes to the letter as I have been doing all the time with no problem.


Any help will be appreciated.

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I am not sure how well it would carmelize.  That, I would suggest experimenting with a small amount. Many chocolatiers have had experiences of overheating/cooking the chocolate. Especially in microwaves!!  Another idea is to make almond bark with the chocolate. Or make a ganache filling and strain the ganache to get the chunks out.
Thanks Debra, I also thought ganache is the best idea. I will not even have to strain it as the little hard bits in it is so small it will go right through. It is just the slightest bit of graininess that you will not even pick op if your attention is not drawn to it. (At least the average person at the food market, I will not fool any chocolatier with it!)

OK, more troubles this week! I have tried to temper Manjari THREE times already without any success. Could it be because it is too hot. I know temperature and humidity can be a problem, but I do not know how much. 

The temperature is about 32C outside but inside I think it is about 28-29C. I cannot measure the humidity, but according to the weather bureau it is not high only about 14% so that can not be the problem. I am using the cold bath method as I am running out of seed. I have been able to temper this way with quite a bit of success last week, but now it simply does not want to happen.

Help, please!

The indoor temp is high and can cause some difficulty.  I have trouble on hot days.  Also, how much quantity are you tempering. A little amount is hard to work with.  Don't forget, the Manjari needs to be melted in the higher temperature range because of the the cocoa butter content.  The indoor temp could be your culprit.
Thanks Debra, I had to check and make sure about the indoor temperature. I am heating the Manjari to the recommended 58C and then I bring it down to 27C and very carefully up to only 30C even though the working temperature is 31C for fear of overheating it. This seemed to work just fine last week so it must be the room temperature. I think I am going to start working at night when it is cooler.


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