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Hey everybody;


The other day, a customer referred me to the following website: 


They wanted to know if I could bling out our truffles in the same fashion with similar colors.


I visited the site, and must admit that in true redneck fashion, I was immediately attracted to those shiny little things, so I ordered their sample package and checked it out.  LOL


I was far from impressed with the confections, and it was pretty clear to me that the centers of their truffles all used artificial flavors. (I never did get past the hazelnut, which, in my opinion, really sucked).




They nailed the glitter down.  It's not a fine dust.  It's actually an edible glitter which has almost NO texture whatsoever, and it's very sparkly (oh... and it gets all over EVERYTHING!)


Does anyone know where I could get edible glitter like that which you see on that site?


I'm hoping someone could help me out with this one!




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A short bit of research (Google "Edible Disco Sparkles") led me to this page, which leads here.

Apparently, they are from the UK and a much greater selection is here.

Check out this usage note from another site ... "The glitter flakes are fine, like artist's glitter- if you want a dust simply crush further using a pestle and mortar. "
Do you REALLY want to use this?
LOL, No Ilana, I don't really want to use it. The glitter is bloody messy, and in some respects, in my mind it cheapens what we're trying to do.

Having said that, I must adhere to the single most important rule about business, and that is: "find out what your customers want, and then give it to them." As long as the glitter doesn't affect the quality of texture and taste, I really see no difference between blinging them out, and wrapping them in the very shiny foil that we currently use.

I just need to be sure the truffles are presented in an elegant and professional manner, and not by some show-girl in a tight outfit with her boobs hanging out all over the place. ....maybe a fireman with his shirt off??? ROFL.

Fireman? Why not RCMP?

Up here in Canada, we have the equivalent of Dunkin' Donuts. It's called Tim Horton's.

All police go through mandatory training. One of their core courses is Donuts 101!

God forbid they should ever take their shirt off!

Cheers, and thanks for your help!

Hey Brad-

Is what was used different then Lusterdust? I have used Lusterdust in classes and on my own...and though a bit of a pain, nothing as bad as what you were describing. It works best with a paint brush if using in a mold.
Yes, this is different from luster dust. It has a very different surface look - more disco-y. Brighter, blingier.
It appears to be the sparkle dust - made by Canduran. Not legal in Canada right now.
Looks to me like "Disco Dust". My favorite supplier just got it in. Shes carrying about 30 different colors. I bought the purple, tapped it into shells I molded with white chocolate and it is VERY VERY similar to this. Its more sparkley and bright, more poppy than any of the Chef Rubber products
According to the Sunflower Sugar Arts company that makes "Disco Dust":

"Sunflower Sugar Art's Disco Dusts have a larger grain than Pearl Dust or Sparkle Dust and this imparts a wet or dewy look to flowers. Non-toxic, 3g. "

Even though it is non-toxic, I have seen on some sites carrying disco dust (not Sunflower's site), that it is not recommended for edible ornaments. Is it FDA approved? Does anyone know?

I have seen luster dust that is considered non-toxic, but is not FDA approved.
Thanks everybody for your help.

I've just ordered a bunch of Disco Dusts from Sunflower.

I'll be sure to get some photos of our progress!




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