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I need to find a roll of serrated cake cutter wire (this type of cake cutter) but everywhere I look, I can only find pre-cut lengths.  I want the whole roll because I want to string one of my guitar frames with this wire.  Some pieces really benefit from this serrated cut, but so far, no luck finding the stuff by the roll.  Help!

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Really? No one? All the dessert pros on this site? 2 days and *crickets*
This is the only place online that mentioned serrated wire -

Doesn't look stainless though. Might be worth contacting them to see if they have more information.
I have never heard of anyone using serrated wire on a guitar. It would be very difficult to clean. Kerekes ( sells guitar wire in 30m rolls on their site. Design et Realisation ( sells guitars but does not advertise wire, but I would have to believe that an e-mail would reveal a source (or the fact that they sell it); in fact a post on the eGullet forum referenced below mentions that they do sell guitar wire.

TCF Sales sells guitars - they probably also have wire.

But you do want stainless steel. In fact, you could probably source the wire locally as long as it's food grade stainless and the right gauge it doesn't need to be packaged specifically for ganache cutter.

Here's an article on eGullet that includes plans for building a frame.
DR does sell guitar wire. I just got some from them.
Oh I have several frames strung with good stainless wire. I'm just experimenting with the cake cutter wire, as a trial with a cake cutter yielded very clean and precise cuts, whereas the normal thin wire produced breaks in the chocolate even though it was paper thin. Also, the cake cutter wire is MUCH stronger, preventing the dreaded snapped wires in the middle of a ganache slab. Cleaning the cake cutter wasn't difficult at all, very hot water and patience did the trick.
Would you consider just using heavier wire instead - I know some folks do that for cutting caramel.
The Cake cutter I use has a serrated blade that is very similar to what is on a band saw. You might want to check and see if a band saw blade will work for what you are looking for.


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