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Hi there,

I've recently started making chocolate from bean and I'm struggling to get the tempering right. I am getting steaks in my chocolate and I'm not sure if it's because I am not cooling it enough or reheating it too much. Or some other reason.

I'm currently heating my milk chocolate to 46C, cooling it to 28C, (using a cool water bath, not seed chocolate) and then reheating to 30C. I've tried to cool it lower that 28C, but then it start to get too solid, and can't be molded properly, unless I heat it way over 30C.

Also, I do not get steaks in my whole batch. About 30% of the molded bars will streak, but the rest are fine. And the ones with streaks come from my early, mid and late molds, so it's not a factor of time.

Any ideas on how to resolve this would be greatly appreciated.


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Hi Sabrina,

This is a pretty common problem that most of us have had at one time or another. There are a bunch of discussions about this here on the Chocolate Life. If you do a search for streaks, you'll find a lot of good info about how to avoid them.

Good luck!



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