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I wanted to let everyone know about a kick-butt local chocolate shop in St. Augustine Florida. You can view their selections here Claudes Chocolate.

They have a great selection of bonbons and truffles, and ship anywhere in the United States. Check them out and thanks for your time!

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Looks very nice! I like the bars- the packaging is very nice. I have been searching for a source for those gold inserts that are a base behind the bars. I need them for chocolate teaspoons that will be in a cello bag like your bars. Is it possible to refer me to a source for these gold card sheets?
Anyway, best of success!
I would give them a call and see what they can do about referring you to a good source. You will want to talk to Nicole at the Ponte Vedra location. The number there is 904-829-5790.

Good Luck!
Thank you. I may do that although I am kind of shy to-especially long distance abroad calls!!
Thanks though!!


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